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International Media Consultant.

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It is with regret that we announce that Peter Carter-Ruck 
died peacefully on Friday 19th December 2003.
We send condolences to his family and many friends.

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Peter F Carter-Ruck, was founder of Peter Carter-Ruck and Partners
and, following his retirement as Senior Partner, was an Independent Media Consultant, after long prior experience in representing newspapers and publishers as well as private clients, and with extensive experience in all field of media work, literary and family trust work and all areas of High Court litigation, both representing plaintiffs and defendants. Before setting up the firm, had been a Specialist Member of the Council of the Law Society, Chairman of their Law Reform Committee and a member of the Council of the Law Society, Chairman of their Law Reform Committee, and a member of the Technical Committee of the Union Internationale des Avocats and adviser on Australian legislation on defamation as Honorary Consultant to the Australian Law Commission. Recently elected a member of the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies.

Peter Carter-Ruck
Peter Carter-Ruck
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Family Crest
"No man more upright unless he be more just"

His extensive clientele includes representing British, United States and other foreign ambassadors, heads of government, prime ministers, ministers of state, members of various royal families,
High Court and Court of Appeal judges, national and provincial newspaper proprietors, professional journals, film producers, film and television companies and professional indemnity insurers.

Clients recently represented include Their Royal Highnesses Prince Alexander and Princess Katherine of Yugoslavia, several judges of the High Court of Justice, of the Court of Appeal and former Lords Chancellor, the late Enoch Powell, the former Conservative MP Winston Churchill, Sir Ranulph Fiennes, the explorer, the Rt Hon Lord Rothermere, Chairman of Associated Newspapers and Rt Hon Lord Chalfont, to name but a few.

Was a former governor of St Edward’s School, Oxford and past chairman and founder-governor of Shiplake College at Henley, member of the Author’s Society, of the Chartered Institute of Journalists, of the Media Society (Past President) and the Council of Justice (International Commission of Jurists).
Recently widowed, after a long and happy marriage to Pamela Ann Maxwell. His late wife’s father was a distinguished fighter pilot. His daughter, Julie, is also a solicitor. Interests, past and present, include ocean racing, ocean cruising, photography, film-making, Member of the Law Society Yacht Club, Royal Ocean Racing Club, Royal Yacht Squadron and the Garrick.

Demand from London from clients and former colleagues has led to acceptance of an appointment with leading media firm, M Law (whose clients include Hello, Elle and Red magazines) as consultant adviser to them and their clients.
He was also current chairman of the legal committee of the ‘Stop Stansted Expansion’ Campaign.

Extracts from letters of appreciation from corporate and individual clients.

“I am most grateful to you for the expeditious and successful way in which you have handled this case. I am bound to say hitherto that I have always subscribed to the dictum
“The wheels of justice grind exceeding slow”.
I shall now have to revise that judgement. You have broken all records”.
                                                                                                Winston Churchill, MP

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