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Uncle Derek was one of the Few and also one of the earliest casualties in the Battle of Britain,planes.gif (8501 bytes) his Hurricane aircraft being shot down, and Derek wounded by bullets. He recovered and fought again with squadron 151 for the remainder of the Battle. The following January he spent 5 months defending Malta as Squadron Leader with 261 during the worst fighting there during which he wrote a diary and talked about his pony and trap "Lady", and dog "Lucky" and how he used to take his girlfriend Battle of Britain"Patsy" on picnics on his days off from the horrific fighting.
They were totally outnumbered by the Hun.
Most of his companions were killed.


Derek & Dad
Derek & Dad

Derekwith pony & trap

Aunty Amy is still going strong at 96 and living happily in Oxford.
Amy was awarded the MBE for a lifetime of service to the Home Office where she was head librarian. 
She is also a lace-maker extraordinaire and until very recently a guide at the Ashmolian Museum.
She also plays a mean game of Scrabble.

Amy Armitage Gough
Amy Armitage Gough MBE

Despatch of Peter the Home Office Cat
"Top Cats prefer the Times"
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Amy & cousins Wyn & Helen


My cousin Digby (Lt Col. Digby Willoughby MC) who taught me to
play the guitar when I was eleven died in St Morritz this week.

He had retired from running the famous "Cresta Run" in St Morritz for the past 25 years.
In 1961 he held the 2 man bob record in St Morritz;and in 1964 he was awarded the
MC for bravery in action in Borneo, and an MBE in 2003.
He will be sadly missed for his wonderful larger than life personality.

 Times obituary


Digby with guitar

Digby receives his MBE

Digby with guitar

Digby receives his MBE

Jack’s daughter Sylvan (Whittingham) Mason is a professional photographer based in London
(see She spent 23 years in the Corporate village at Wimbledon Tennis Championships. 15 of these exclusively for NBC Sports.
She is divorced from songwriter Barry Mason with whom she co-wrote the lyrics to hit songs "Delilah" (Composer Les Reed) and "Love Grows Where Rosemary Goes" (Composer Tony Macaulay) and, in 1972, her song "Following You Around" closed the Morecombe & Wise Show.
She has a daughter, Aimi Whittingham Mason, and granddaughters, Mia Whittingham Nicastro and Sofia Maria Whittingham Nicastro.

Aimi and Massimo

Sylvan with Thunderball Artwork

Sofia and Mia